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John 19 Sep 0 124
You often ask us how and where these gorgeous Lavata soft aged leather bags are made. We would be happy to tell you their story and give you an insight into the process of making them. Both are interesting in equal measure. TUSCANY - THE LEATHER D..
John 16 Mar 0 299
Quel type de sac en cuir une femme active qui se préoccupe non seulement de sa carrière, mais aussi de sa forme physique et de sa vie sociale veut-elle ? Un sac qui lui permette d'emporter tout ce dont elle a besoin à la maison, tout en étant élég..
John 08 Mar 0 278
Slow fashion is the opposite of buying, for example, leather handbags that don't fit or are not wearable. By knowing the principles that govern slow fashion, we can be more conscious consumers. Find out where to start implementing them.What is Slow F..
John 20 Aug 0 765
The ladies' crossbody bag is a model you should definitely have in your wardrobe if you like comfort, live an active life and choose from the trends those that don't stop you from running. With a post bag, you can have your hands free and look really..
John 01 Apr 54 1396
Women's leather hobo bag or what kind of bag?A women's leather hobo bag is a shoulder bag with a short strap, usually in the shape of a crescent moon. It has been a hit in the fashion world for a long time, especially thanks to it-bags like the Gucci..
John 02 Aug 0 473
An accessory that is really worth investing in, not just this season? Handmade handbags. Why can they be a real treasure in your wardrobe? How are they made? How to wear them in summer and how to wear them in spring? We answer these questions in o..
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